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Why so many varieties?!
Why so many varieties?!

Humom says it is sometimes good for me to act like a normal dog. It is for this reason I am expected to head out today into the cold and snow. Naked.

But the promise of a new sweater motivates me to go along with these shenanigans. My new sweater awaits at Rural King Supply (740 N Market St., Waterloo, Ill., | (618) 939-0011).

Humom and I have been there before and are always welcome, as are all animals. In fact, a local woman has been known to shop at this Rural King accompanied by her goat.

There are no goats in the store today, but we did see rabbits for sale.  I am reminded I have a bunny-like object at home, my brother the Shih Tzu.

Rural King is a farm supply store that sells bunnies, as well as baby chicks and a variety of other items such as food for pets and livestock; tools; auto parts; and apparel for both work and casual wear.  If you can’t find it at Rural King, you aren’t looking hard enough.

Alex Melvin, president of Rural King, believes in offering ownership to key employees to keep them engaged and focused. “An investment of $2,500 in private Rural King stock four years ago is now worth $50,000,” he said.  Melvin opened his first Rural King store in Wentzville, Mo., outside of St. Louis.  Based on that store’s success, he was promoted to president of Rural King in 2011.

At the checkout, I was obsessed with a young girl eating the free popcorn Rural King offers to its customers.   She was not sharing so I settled for licking her popcorn-laced face instead.

I did get my new sweater – a green and brown turtleneck that appeared large enough to fit my buxom body. It did not and had to be forcibly removed from my torso. Our next trip to Rural King will be to return the miniature sweater. Perhaps the bunny can wear it.

Rural King is open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

~ Jackie Brown

Bunny wants to be my friend, I just know it.
Bunny wants to be my friend, I just know it.

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