Dogfriendlystl is in the beginning stages of being an online resource for dog-friendly venues in the St. Louis Metro Area where you and your dog(s) will be welcomed.

At Dogfriendlystl, we  search for dog-friendly venues, call and visit them to ensure that they truly are dog friendly and to ask for any information we believe all responsible dog owners will need to know before visiting.

Although we are able to obtain a lot of information in these visits, we also rely on the visitors to our web site for their real life experiences of venues around the St. Louis Metro Area.

To help with the sharing of this information, we have launched the Dogfriendlystl blog and we invite you to share in the comments any information that you feel would be useful to other dog owners.

Meet the Team:

Hello, my name is Joelle.  I am a Journalism major at Washington University in St. Louis and dog lover just like you! After realizing I was consulting several different documents and sites for information about dog-friendly venues within the St. Louis Metro Area, I realized it would be helpful to have all of the information in one place.  In addition to a blog about visits to dog-friendly venues in the St. Louis Metro Area, you will also find links to helpful information about those places.

And my name is Jackie Brown.  I co-write this blog with my Humom.  Without me, she would not have a blog.  A little about me:  I was rescued by Gateway Pet Guardians.  Joelle was originally my foster mom and decided she couldn’t live without me.  And here we are today…the Blog Team Duo behind Eat, Drink, Be Hairy – Dog Friendly in the St. Louis Metro Area.

I am a good girl and am typically welcomed wherever I go.  I set a good example for other dogs by being well-behaved on these outings.  I also represent a group of dogs that are often misunderstood – dogs that resemble what are often referred to as “Pit Bulls”, though we’re mostly just a mixture of various different breeds.  But my good behavior on these outings is one small step in changing the sometimes unfair perceptions of other dogs that look like me.

Thanks for visiting!  And thanks for being my friend.

Jackie Brown and Joelle



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