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Balls of yarn are for cats. But when we’re told, because of its meditative qualities, knitting is the new yoga, Humom and I decide do a little investigating into the kitting scene. On this Small Business Saturday our investigation takes us to locally-owned yarn store, Knitorious.

Set on the corner of a busy intersection, the scene inside Knitorious (3268 Watson Rd., St. Louis Mo., 63139 | (314) 646-8276) is equally as bustling. The floor-to-ceiling kaleidoscope of colors keeps customers moving throughout the isles in search of materials for their latest project. The walls are filled with sweaters and scarves – finished products seen as motivators for those with no previous experience, or an impossibility for those of us lacking opposable thumbs.  As yarn is being spun into balls, the staff of kitting experts answer customers’ questions, while extoling the benefits of knitting.

According to a 2013 survey of more than 3,500 knitters worldwide, 81.5 percent of respondents rated themselves as feeling happier after knitting. Mind-stimulating activities such as knitting have been used by occupational therapists to alleviate symptoms of depression and to help improve motor functions in people with illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease, said Sharon Gutman, an occupational therapist at Columbia University in New York.

But it’s not just women who have experienced the benefits of knitting. For many men, knitting has had a positive impact their job performance. Male pilots and engineers have seen their dexterity improve as a result of knitting, said Sandy Kulash, owner of Knitorious. She said she has met a doctor who started crocheting, at the urging of his nurses, to improve his knot-tying during surgery.

While Knitorious offers a variety of classes for all skill levels of knitters, it’s not just knitting for which they offer classes. Crocheting classes are offered, and even classes on felting. This Sunday, December 7, 2014, Knitorious employee Ariel Gardner is teaching a felted soap class. The $30 class fee includes handmade soap from Dyeabolical and hand-dyed wool. No knitting experience is required. Call the store for more details.

Felted Soap (photo credit: Ariel Gardner)
Felted Soap
(photo credit: Ariel Gardner)

Though I did not see any cats in the store during my visit, I did make a new friend named Max. Max was also visiting the store with his human and seemed as equally excited about yarn.  Or, at least, more excited than the cat I met yesterday, which is not saying much.

~ Jackie Brown

My new friend Max.
Max and Me

Knitorious is open Tuesday through Sunday.  See their website for specific hours. 

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