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Hi there! Jackie here. The canine voice behind the duo that is the Eat, Drink, Be Hairy blog. I write this blog along with my Humom (Human Mom), Joelle.


Wendy and Me
Wendy and Me

If Old Navy is the Chihuahua of dog-friendly clothing stores, then Home Depot is the Great Dane of dog-friendly home improvement stores. Most everyone we encountered on this outing was delighted to see me.

A call to the South St. Louis County Home Depot location (7481 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63125 | (314) 894-6099) prior to our visit confirmed I am welcome in their store. “Of course! People bring their pooches in here all the time,” the employee gleefully exclaimed.

When we arrived, no one batted an eye at the brown creature breezing into the store on all fours. We eventually encountered Wendy, a store associate who had treats for me in her orange apron.  “I volunteer for Stray Rescue,” Wendy said, as she reached into her delicious-smelling apron.  She has fostered dogs for them, but hasn’t done so lately, she said.

Stray Rescue was founded in 1998 by Randy Grim.  The organization has a state-of-the-art shelter that houses as many as 200 dogs; a staff of more than 50 paid workers; and 2,000 to 3,000 local volunteers who walk, hike, run with and help to train Stray Rescue’s dogs.  “It doesn’t take a village, it takes an army,” Grim says.  But thanks to the organization’s partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, Stray Rescue’s adoption fee in November has been reduced to $25. See their website for details.

As we headed to the checkout with a rug – not at all what we came for, but close enough – I was greeted at the checkout by a nice man named Cal. He had treats also and was unable to resist my (fake) starving-dog expression, even though it is obvious I have eaten one too many treats in my three years on this planet.  Research for this blog is not helping.

~ Jackie Brown

Shopping for flooring is boring.
Shopping for flooring is boring.


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